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Somali Youth & Family Club is registered in the state of Washington as a nonprofit charitable organization pursuant to the Charitable Solicitations Act, RCW 19.09:

501(c)(3) tax exempt status approved



In 2006, a group of intellectuals and residents of Creston Point Apartments organized a meeting to discuss their needs. Among the topics discussed were; lack of representation, translation, civic integration, cultural sensitivity, crime prevention, after school programs and many other social issues. The group decided to form an organization that would advocate for the concerns of the Somali and Refugee residents of Creston Point Apartments. Thus, Somali Youth & Family Club was formed. 

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Dedicated to providing essential services to Somali and other underserved families and youth in King County.

SYFC strongly believes that the protection and educational development of all youth and the access to resources for families is necessary and integral to human progress. We are committed to working with all partners to provide access to services towards the attainment of sustainable quality life.